December 13, 2013

Trend launches new responsive website.

Companies today who sell to the public over the internet must contend with a tidal wave of new mobile devices. Today’s buyers are accustomed to consuming content through multiple device types with varying screen sizes, resolutions, and interaction models which means buyers who work 24/7 can engage with your brand where, how, and when they desire.

Trend has introduced new Responsive Web Design to deliver an optimal user experience through the devices and platforms that matter most to our customers.

Responsive design is a web design approach that leverages one content base and one codebase to render content across multiple screen resolutions, device types, and interaction models. By designing multiple layouts or “breakpoints”, a single site is enabled to serve virtually thousands of different phones, tablets, and desktop experiences.

Trend Brand Solutions carries this design still further into our B2B Corporate eCommerce Brand Stores, where buyers and employees can search, shop and purchase client branded products from virtually any mobile platform as easily as if working from their desk computer. 

Is this amazing?  No, it’s simply Trend.