May 28, 2013

Trend introduces Smart Size technology

What do you do next when you already have the best B2B eCommerce software in your space?  You change the rules and invent what your competition has yet to think of.

Trend introduced Smart Size Technology; a razor sharp focused eCommerce solution that drills down to specific types of purchasing our clients do and simplifies the experience for these clients.

Clients who purchase large quantities of shirts, made up of quantities, sizes, colors and other attributes which vary from employee to employee, no longer need to experience the laborious and unsettling process of data collection.  No longer do you have employees emailing you to ask where their shirts are.  No company ever need worry about getting the correct sizes and colors for so many people who are all uniquely “sized”.  The Smart Size Technology takes all of this work and worry out of the work place.

See your Trend representation today for a free demonstration.  Best of all, as a Trend client the technology is provided at no charge.

Is this amazing?  No, it’s simply Trend.