Trend Brand Solutions is a highly respected and successful Brand Solution company. Our "Brand Responsive" solutions dive right into the heart of a company's brand marketing needs and develop solutions which are creative, original, dependable, cost effective and safe.

Brand Responsive is a double entendre, meaning listening and responding to our clients known or perceived needs. It also indicates our practice of recalling and applying our experience to (1.) reinforce, (2.) balance (3.) or professionally challenge the initial requests of our clients (with their permission of course). It's our job to deliver success, and often that means we must walk away from traditional solutions that have worked well in the past, if we are to develop the new solutions that will keep you successful in the future.

If you don't cannibalize yourself, someone else will."

Steve Jobs - Apple Inc.

The leadership team has a remarkable record of success in the promotional marketing industry. Over the past 10 years, over $500 million in corporate contract business has been earned and serviced. With the average promotional marketing company recording slightly less than $1 million per year in business, this experience speaks well to their ability to manage difficult and complex business. The company is a privately held C corporation with headquarters in Houston, Texas.

Specialty channels like Trend Golf Solutions manage corporate business development through the wildly popular Golf industry. Golf tournament planning, Golf apparel, logo golf balls and equipment branded with your logo from Golf's favorite brands like Callaway, Taylormade, Adidas, Nike and more are all found inside Trend's Golf Solutions.

Trend offers a combination of in-network decoration services, as well as in-house embroidery and screen printing decoration services. We call this "Brand Responsive", matching multiple decoration solutions best suited to solve your needs. Trend also brings you in-house Distribution and Fulfillment Services, allowing you to combine & service enterprise budgets across multiple cost centers.

Smart Size Technology, GroupBuy, and other key technology features are reasons customers are migrating business seamlessly to Trend. B2B eStores, featuring reporting software that provides valuable data to help you manage budgets, are strategic platforms for many successful corporate branding initiatives.